"ISOMAT ENGINEERING" is a Bulgarian commercial, engineering and consulting company in the field of building insulation throughout the country , founded in 1996 The company has a large office and two warehouses ( with a total area of ​​1000 m2. ) , As well as specialized professional equipment and machinery and vehicles necessary to carry out their activities. The Company's activities related to consulting, design , diagnosis , delivery and installation of waterproofing materials and systems , cement and polymer based . The company specializes in bitumen-based , both for new construction and repair for dry and wet basis in positive and negative water head . Also, the injection of concrete and other types of structures without pressure and high pressure sanitizing systems for concrete and brick structures , carbon recovery systems statics , industrial systems, floor and wall coverings . We work with leading companies in the field of European manufacturers such as : MAPEI, SCHOMBURG, MC-BAUCHEMIE, SILIKAL, SIKA, POLIGLASS and others. Some of them are Direct importers and representatives. We have a number of certificates for successfully completed training for specific activities and specific materials and systems of different manufacturers. We have our own trained engineers, specialists and contractors , offering its customers a closed-loop and ready end product satisfies their needs and in compliance with all Bulgarian and other European standards.


Perform waterproofing :


- Flat roofs, roof gardens / inverted roof / .

- The roof terraces, balconies , verandas

- Underground facilities - both from inside and from outside , tunnels , car parks , basements , foundations

- Hydraulic structures

- Wastewater treatment plants

- Swimming pools , reservoirs , canals, wells , water treatment plants

- Rehabilitation of concrete structures

- Specialized reparation and reprofilirashti systems

- Recovery of the statics of concrete structures by carbon injection systems and pressure


We have our own specialized professional following technique:


- A high-pressure injection in concrete and other types of structure
- A specialized technique for TURBOSOL fine waterproofing spray mixtures
- A specialized technique for TURBOSOL splashing of large reparation mixtures
- Hidroblastirashta technique to 500 bar professional equipment breaker
- Professional equipment to prepare the concrete foundations for the application of industrial polymer floor systems as shotblasteri , milling machines , grinding machines , vacuum cleaners and other powerful
- Machinery for applying shotcrete


We met dozens of water towers , several water treatment plants, hundreds of thousands of square meters of bitumen waterproofing of roofs and terraces, tens of thousands of square meters of waterproofing of swimming pools and other hydraulic equipment , as well as tens of thousands of square meters of waterproofing of underground parts of buildings from outside and inside . Are we solve dozens of problems with hard to remove water leaks. The company specializes in the laying of flooring systems based on synthetic resins in a wide color range for domestic, commercial and industrial sites. Perform a wide range methacrylate , epoxy , polyurethane and hybrid systems . We make systems both on new concrete and old concrete foundations on greasy , wet , etc. We have executed tens of thousands of square meters of industrial flooring in garages , hospitals, various enterprises of the food industry and other specific industries. Upon request, we can imagine reference list of some of our completed projects.


Address: 1309 SOFIA,
ZONE-B 18, bl.3
tel.: +359(2) 92 00 545,
fax: 92 00 678


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